about TRIBE
Audiovisual art collective founded in 2017 in Saint-Petersburg. TRIBE's works are site-specific immersive light and sound installations created with new technologies. Collective`s approach is based on a search of balance between sophisticated generative algorithms and human contribution while researching new methods and techniques from allied fields of practices for achieving best desired outcome. Practice's intention is to deliver unique feelings, emotions, to create new dimension that could be experienced exclusevly in the moment of immersion into carefully prepared audiovisual therapy.

TRIBE's presense worldwide: Times Square Screen, New York, USA; Ningbo Exebition, Ningbo, China; GAMMA Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Pixels Fest, Ekaterinburg, NUR Festival, Kazan, Russia.

All members of TRIBE were worn born in Arkhangelsk region, north of Russia. Yet they have met each other in Saint-Petersburg, and there they began their journey as a team. Each member has his(her) own background, essential role, unique style and personal responsibility for the outcome.