This is an installation concept we are willing to create.
If you like the idea and have required resources please get in touch with us and let`s make it real.
Multiple laser projectors project beams at top parts of led tubes coupled with stroboscopes
Technical raider for current visualisation setup
- Laser Animation Projectors x6
- EtherDream 2 x6
- Stroboscope x12
- Hazer x4
- ArtNet-DMX Decoder x2
- PC x1
- 4(8) chanel acoustic system
- Light Pillars x48 (Polycarbonate tube, LED strip ws2815 60px/m)
- ArtNet-SPI controller x3
- LAN Switch (16 and more outs) x1

The ammount of equipment may vary based on the space. Please contact us for more detailed info via