The source of light levitates due to the tension in cables. It moves with coordinated work of rotors that reel up calbles at the speed necessary to maintain tension in the system.
The installation speculates on the principle of quantum superposition. The observer can determine the position of the point only at the exact moment when the light is turned on. The point can exist anywhere as long as light is off. Thus from the perspective of the observer the point exists in the superposition of all possible coordinates.
Superpostion of Points employs rare technology to explore unique by its'
character movement of light in 3 dimensional space
Cable-driven parallel robots is fresh and unexplored technology. With our installation we want to draw more attention to this technology and inspire people to explore and make new discoveries in robotics.
Specific composition of robots creates an environment where the light source can travel in all directions at high speeds without visible support. Such movement can not be acieved with any other method. The source of light travels in space and interacts with the architecture of the space. Cables cast dynamic shadows.
This installation is the first to use cable-driven robots in art and there exist niether analogues nor predecessors
Reference for the space of the exhibition
We have the experience of developing and creating unique devices for our installations. We have essential skills, knowledge and team

Collective composition:
- multimedia producer
- light artist and software engineer
- sound designer
- design engineer

We have arrangements with additional proffesional support for production of this installations.

Production time — 6 months
Production budget — $300 000
About us
media.tribe — creators of immersive audiovisual installations. Collective's practice lies at the intersection of digital emotional and physical. Main ingredients — light and sound — follow same rules composed by mathematical formulas and human nature. Loud uncompromising sounding and meticulous immersive visual redefine the perception of time and space and invoke primal instincts thus creating unique feelings and experience for the viewer in the moment of contemplation. Lighting tools used in TRIBE's installation are often unique custom objects of in-house production.

media.tribe works could be seen in USA, Hong Kong, China, Russia

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Alisa Davydova