technical rider
BLOOM is kinetic laser and sound installation investigating illusions of stillness unfolding at speeds unable to be registered by human sight. It is named for intangible flower-like shapes produced by moving lasers filling all the space and bringing new dimension to surroundings.
The installation is based on custom engineered device which allows to rotate laser beams at the rate of 1500RPM, control the angle of the individual beam and has infinite pan and tilt rotations. Can be controlled via Art-Net protocol with third-party software.
organizational details
We ship:
- 2 BLOOM devices
- light and sound content

From the organizer are required:
- 2 racks or trusses (height is discussed)
- sound system (1-4kW depends on the space)
- hazer
- PC
- transfer and accomodation for the team of three persons from Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Dark separate space 50-200 sq.m. height 4-6 meters.
Off ventilation system for hazer. Absence of extraneous sounds.

Contact us:
+79643415942 (telegram, whatsapp)