NON SEMANTIC — media.tribe's first solo exhibition
NON SEMANTIC – the first solo exhibition of the media.tribe art collective.

media.tribe – media artists collective of three people creating audiovisual installations. Visionary approach, constant innovative research allows them to go beyond existing technological boundaries and create a fundamentally new experience for the viewer. Works were represented in Russia, China, Australia and Europe.
NON SEMANTIC exhibition is the result of a bold experiments and five-year immersion in media art. In each work artists hone the skill of cutting off excess, and in this show, the authors manifests their vision of media art to the audience, which is based on the principles of minimalism and mathematicity.

The name NON SEMANTIC was born out of the inability to describe in words the experience from our installations. This is a very ambitious statement, but we found confirmation of it when visitors approached us after the exhibition and said that they could not find the words to describe their experience and leave a review. With NON SEMANTIC show we manifest our approach based on the intimate sensory and emotional experience of the viewer. In this show, all the installations are so technically honed that the technology has turned into magic, and even experts cannot understand how exactly it was done.
The authors suggest that the viewer perceive the exhibition as a whole, an indivisible impression that does not need to be described in words. Deconstructing works and describing their mechanics and emotional effect verbal - losses their meaning, spoken words sounds absurd. The magic of technology and emotions reliably protects installations from verbal interventions.

Architecture of the exhibition
The exhibition space is designed in such a way that the viewer's path begins with a reboot in an absolutely dark corridor – it creates a space where the eyes get used to the darkness. The corridor is filled with sound to the limit and that makes you forget everyday reality and immerse in yourself. The deprivation corridor serves for a reboot and is the point that divides the viewer's day into "before" and "after", completing the previous part of the day and preparing the viewer for a new experience.

After leaving the corridor, the viewer enters the hub space with the most meditative installation semantic failure - a personal installation by Sasha Kojjio (media artist and founder of media.tribe). Semantic failure is a buffer zone - a central installation in which you can reboot in silence, in contrast to the rest of the tribe's works.

From here, 3 doors lead to different rooms with installations of the media.tribe collective, and the viewer builds his own path and chooses which of the installations to dive into first, where to go next, where to stay and where to return.
We deliberately do not build a strict narrative, but give the viewer a space for interpretation. Following the principles of minimalism, we do not use anything excessive, so as not to distract the viewer from their own feelings and experiences. Thus, each viewer will make his own way through the exhibition and get his own experience. This is much correlated with the concept of the exhibition itself – not to insist on certain interpretations and the order of perception.
About installations
The exhibition combines 4 installations.
ENCAGED – an audiovisual installation with a vertical composition, 12 meters high, represents light structures made of laser beams locked in a cage. This work is focused on theme of frames and boundaries and reflects the process of how creative potential is revealed despite artificially created restrictions.

Laser beams are darting between planes, constantly moving in search of a way out. The living dynamic light fights with the bone static of the cage every second and as a result - wins.

MIMIC.4 - is the fourth iteration of MIMIC work, which media.tribe has consistently rethought and improved.
Each media.tribe installation is an independent audiovisual art object. Often after we finish work on an installation and present it to the public, we realize that we want to continue to explore and develop this idea.

MIMIC was the first iteration made in the "laser + projector" setup - two instruments complemented and balanced each other in it.

In the second part, which was called "COEXISTENSE", there was a performance of two opposite identities that unfolded simultaneously, while the identities retained their character without mixing with each other.

The third iteration was MIMIC.3 in the setup "LED screen + laser". The installation has become a single system, the materials of which exist simultaneously in space and on the surface of the screen.
The MIMIC.4 installation currently presented at the exhibition consists of four LED screens and four laser projectors combined into a single system. The construction allows the viewer to appear as if inside the installation and be surrounded by streams of light lines. This "step into" the work creates absolutely unique impressions for the viewer.
semantic failure
semantic failure - is an endless essay that generates in real time, which explores the impossibility of accurately translate feelings and emotions through logical and linguistic tools. This is a personal installation by Sasha Kojjio (media artist and founder of media.tribe).

In this work, Sasha Kojjio created an algorithm that looks for correlations between text characters and makes this connection visible. Lines appear on the screen as a neural connections, thoughts, that are formed when we read text and look images. In his installations, Sasha consistently works with the dilemma of what is primary? – a word or an image, and with each next work he convinces the viewer that feelings have more volume and value than symbols.
INTERSECTION – is an installation that is created from a variety of red traffic lights. Media.tribe intentionally use a utilitarian object, which is often perceived by a person as "visual noise" and turn a traffic light into an object of art.

The artists have separated red light from the usual color combination red-yellow-green, thereby, the habitual function of the object itself dissolves, but it becomes a means of narration. Flashes of red lights are perceived as a pulse, the red blood cells of the city, which pulsate constantly so make the city continues to move.
Audience reviews
I think that this is the next stage in art, when you don't need to say anything about what you've seen and heard, when you don't need to understand anything, search for some images and associations in work, you just need to feel.

It just goes through you like a laser, making you part of the installation. And you are not asking questions to the work or its author, but to yourself
@anikokos, viewers
Absolutely breathtaking experience by @media.tribe
The palette of emotions is crazy! Digital art in its purest form. It's like artificial intelligence is trying to get out
You absolutely should go to the exhibition from @media.tribe in to look at cool, thoughtful and, in a good way, classic multimedia installations"
Project Team
Curator and producer: Alisa Davydova
Concept, creative programming, visual: Sasha Kojjio
Sound art, visual: Sasha Medvedev
The team from the Tseh Space: Anna Gagarina, Olga Artemyeva, Anton Vasin, Karina Ri
Special thanks to Ksusha Chekovskaya
Technical support: dreamlaser.

The exhibition runs from November 5 to December 8, 2023 in the Tseh Space (Nizhny Novgorod).